Electric heating

Electric Heating, for discrimination rate with time, old night rate, accumulators, electric radiators. azul.emisores dry heat, thermal fluid issuer

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  • Issuers thermoelectric
    The heat is transferred by convection, radiation or conduction: Issuers thermoelectric, electric issuers basically have 2 types: dry Issuers and issuers termofuido: We offer several brands: Siemens, EV, Fagor, inmplantando is in our homes are replacing the accumulators or complementadolos. for its high performance and low power consumption due to low power consumption of thermal emitters: some 50% less than traditional systems. But always related to the personal needs of each user. The difference between dry and TERMOFLUIDOS is clear: The first has its respective strengths, with programdor or not and additional options, if remote control etc etc. Issuers with TERMOFLUIDOS: As its name indica.Llevan a fluid based on the type and their respective densities. Haran that the heat generated is lost more slowly. Looking fluid densities and boiling of the same for energy-efficient.
  • Radio Rointe
    Rointe the move low-power heating with 60% energy efficiency, the new era of digital heating. Optimezer plus system with energy. Eco System ESE system. Digivisat install that. ask for budget
  • Electric accumulators

    Electric accumulators